Defn: One who has mastered the art of cooking a gourmet meal at home.


Defn: The life changing art of cooking a gourmet meal at home in 10 minutes.

Our Beliefs

We believe most people love cooking, whether they realize it or not.
But what people may not love is the time it takes.

Or the patience.

Or the planning.

And then there’s the prep.

Cooking takes a lot of time. .

But when you’re in the kitchen working with fresh, quality ingredients and enjoying their smells, sounds and flavors—there’s really nothing like it. It’s a ritual that comforts and nourishes. It can’t be substituted for the convenience of takeout or the indifference of snacking on whatever’s in the fridge.

Meisterdish was started with one simple objective: To bring people back into the kitchen.

We develop unique, delicious recipes.
We chop and prep—yes chop and prep!—everything for you.
Pick up from your local grocery store within the hour.
Gone are the most time consuming stages of the cooking process.

You’ll spend less time preparing a meal and more time enjoying it.

Who We Are

Founder and Chief Eating Officer, Hannah de Boer, has always strived to eat well and cook regularly at home, but with a baby and a demanding career, she rarely had time. Making fresh, nourishing meals takes at least an hour to source and prep alone—an hour she never seemed to have.

But she missed the meals she grew up eating in Australia—a melting pot for international food—particularly her mother’s Korean recipes (who ferments her own kimchi to this day).

Hannah would say her favorite pastime was eating, and good food was her livelihood. Who knew she was predicting her future.

Johannes Hennche, Executive Chef, spent years working in Michelin-starred kitchens like Daniél and Suedtiroler Stuben.

He also has travelled the world as a chef in various Formula One circuits— providing hundreds of VIP guests with fine dining experiences.

Homey, fresh, seasonally-inspired is the style of Johannes’s cooking which reflects his upbringing in Germany and culinary experiences from around the world.

His belief: “The best chef is great produce.”

Our Ingredients

We’re committed to sourcing sustainably and locally whenever possible so that everything arrives to you via the freshest route possible. As in, we source and prep on a daily basis.

Everything is triple-washed so you can be sure it's ready to go. Seasonings are created by us - these are unique spice mixes that don't rely on sodium or unhealthy condiments to add flavor.

End to end, we consider our footprint, and we're proud to know we’ve helped our clients avoid waste by only sending the amount of food they need for each dish.

In a nutshell: You’ll be cooking fresher than ever before because our ingredients take the most direct route to your table.

We’re certain you’ll taste the difference.

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